Demi Lovato remembers the exact moment she ‘fell in love’ with Joe Jonas

In an episode of Demi’s new documentary series called Simply Complicated, the 25-year-old watches back clips of her old movies when a clip of Joe playing guitar in Camp Rock comes on.

‘Oh my God, wait! This moment I freaking fell in love with him. In real life,’ the star confessed while watching the scene back during one episode of the documentary.

In the scene, Demi’s close pal Matthew Scott asked of Joe: ‘Did you have a crush on him, like, this whole time?’

And Demi responds: ‘Oh, yeah.’

Demi starred in Camp Rock and the sequel Camp Rock 2 alongside Joe in 2008 and remembers falling for the ex Jonas Brother moments before her cue to walk into shot. The pair would go on to share their first kiss together on camera.


Source: metro