Japan Actress "Saori Hara "

Saori Hara was born January 1, 1988 in Hiroshima. Japanese actress, adult model and singer, who also acted under the name Mai Nanami. Japanese mother, a father with German roots.

As a teenager, acting in commercials, she sang the title song to the popular TV show, starred in two films. In 2005 published a photo book, which participated as a bikini model under the name Mai Nanami. In November 2005, starred in the film “Reigo: The Deep Sea Monster vs the Battleship Yamato”.

After a long break in August 2008 under the name Saori Hara appears in the slick video, and a month later he posed nude for the Japanese men’s magazine “Sabra”. The first film for adults with Saori Hara has sold 100,000 copies in January 2009.In the same year, local authorities accused Tokyo Saori Hara and photographer Kishin Shinoyama public order offenses for shooting nudes on the streets of Tokyo. Starred in numerous films and television series. In December 2009, was published autobiography porn actress called “My name is Mai Kato: Why I became a porn actress” (My Real Name Is Mai Kato: Why I Became an AV Actress). In March 2010, the month received an award as the best actress of adult movies in 2009. More Saori Hara and Maria Ozawa became the most popular porn actress in China by number of downloads video from their participation. In 2011, Saori Hara starred in the sensational 3D-p0rn movie “S@x and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy”. After a series of earthquakes and tsunami in Japan in 2011, the actress had several nervous breakdowns because of what she decided to leave show business.

The latest official adult film featuring Jara came May 19, 2011, and at the end of August, she officially announced his retirement from the industry by presenting fans pyatidiskovy set previously unreleased video with her. Saori Hara latest work – the main role in the Japanese-British arthouse film “Venus In Eros” (2012).