NSA Director Rejected SIM Card Hack

    February 25, 2015

    Washington: Chairman of the US National Security Agency (NSA), Michael Rogers dismissed the information published by the website Intercept false information. According to published Reuters on 24 February 2015.

    Billionaire Bill Gates to spend a few dollars a day just melt completely assets to nothing?

      November 4, 2014

      England: According to new research by Oxfam in the UK, has revealed that billionaire Bill Gates founder and is chairman of Microsoft is delivery day 1 million US dollars within up to 218 years to dissolve the wealth of which about 79 billion US dollars to completely vanished.  Turning to telecom tycoon Carlos Slim can spend RMB as Bill Gates, but longer than two years, ie, up to 220 years, while billionaire Warren Buffett, but only 169 years. 

      President and the American people came to celebrate your healing doctor from viruses Bolaven

        October 26, 2014

        US: A few weeks before Khmer Lot worked publish updates about the clip that is being distributed heavily in online, which indicates the doctor girlfriend of Dallas, USA, one of infected e Bolaven after care patients are HIV this one. However, recently a doctor named Nina Pam are doctors claimed that she was cured of this deadly virus Bo Larsen. Meanwhile, she also has many Americans, especially President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) celebrate as well as provide security for her.  

        Japan show new passenger plane after the 50-year suspended production

          October 21, 2014

          Tokyo: Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) is a new type of passenger aircraft that Japan has shown for the first time after the suspension products for over 50 years. Passenger plane land, was unveiled on Saturday 19th October at the site Komaki Minami city Nagoya, Japan, where production aircraft A6M "Zero" World War II as a fighter's most famous company Mitsubishi, according to a release from the news CNN revealed on 20 October.

          Poverty makes creative people something different to phone use

            October 19, 2014

            Affica: Tower in Africa that deliver services in various areas, but the challenge was that expensive phonefor most people, and in some places lack electricity for charging their phones, wherein some peoplestem of the imagination do strange phone use. But their creative make other residents watched and laughed. 

            Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife donated $ 25 million for anti-infectious Hezbollah

              October 15, 2014

              America: Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of social media Facebook, along with his wife Dr Priscilla Chan announced on donated $ 25 million for anti-infectious Hezbollah. The amount of 25 million dollars will be donated to the Foundation Center, protect and fight disease, or the CDC to fight outbreaks of fierce Egypt Hezbollah at the regional West Africa by far, the present defective fierce has claimed the lives of about 4 000 times.

              The study found that drinking beer can make you smarter than before?

                October 2, 2014

                World: Beer or ingredient in beer may have the capacity to boost the role of the human brain, according to a study has found. Do not hurried cheer Okay read on you will know!  The researchers pointed out that a substance named Xanthohumol Like Flavonoid substances were found in the beer and leaves plants Hops (earths plant ingredients to produce beer) can help increase the level of awareness of the people. But the substance Flavonoid back was found in plants, it is you making plant colors on the leaves, flowers or trees, scientists have found that they are found in fruit Berry black, dark chocolate and red wine that this substance can help fight against cancer or heart disease, etc. - etc. -.

                Samsung Note 4 dates in the UK on 10 October

                  October 2, 2014

                  England: Q4 each year a fiery time that major tech companies in the quick release of its top products.In fact, after Apple released iPhone 6/6 Plus now Samsung is also quick to release Galaxy Note 4, the opponentimportant of the two next-generation iPhone model as soon as possible. In the words Samsung spokesman said the South Korean tech giant is set on 10 October, time release officially Note 4 in the UK while larger stores are receiving your order customers.

                  Smart and iOne skeptical fans

                    October 2, 2014

                    Phnom Penh: Smart and iOne all claims received from Apple in the import of mobile phones iPhone for sale on the market country. More than a week ago that cell phones popular iPhone 6 / 6Plus traffic markets across the country, especially in Phnom Penh, but as an introduction to unofficial sales. 

                    Really rare! Found dead ghost Mummy surviving the Ming Dynasty of China!

                      August 12, 2014

                      China: Media sources said that a group of construction workers found the bodies of ancient (Mummy) in the reign of the Ming Dynasty remained far today has been around for 700 years.  A group of construction workers have a role in the expansion of a line in the city of Taizhou in Jiangsu province, China dug hitting ancient coffin and found dead ghost Mummy inside, leaving dates back to the early Ming Dynasty, while they are going to dig. When digging reach a depth of 1.8 meters, suddenly they dig touches that no one imagine that would find otherwise.