December 6, 2015

    World: Every year, the UN releases a list of the world’s happiest countries, which is determined by the experts who look at economics, psychology, health and public policy of each country. After they get all the statistics out, there is a list of supposedly happiest countries in the world where maybe all that joy is infectious. Interestingly, you’ll want to pack a sweater, because almost all of these happy countries are in the northern hemisphere and include more mountains and rural landscape than tropical beaches. From the beaches of Australia to the fjords of Iceland, you’re sure to find your “happy place” at these wonderful countries.

    Gunmen Fired In The US This Morning, Injuring 16 People

      November 24, 2015

      USA: At least 16 people were injured in the fire of gunmen in a park in the city of New Orlean United States at 7 pm Sunday 8 am Monday. Police spokesman Tyler Gamble said many police officers to disperse the crowd gathered Bunny Friend Park shooting. 

      12-year-old girl became pregnant by Brother violation is only now dare to break through reality television

        September 5, 2015

        Scotland: kaet knong kruosaear da kreikr chea rueng kamsat tow haey te avei del rutte aphpv cheang noh towtiet noh ku kmengosrei mneak nih bercha meanophtaipoh tangpi neang ayou 1 2 chhna mleh daoysaar bangobrosa te ri chchha n robsa khluon chabromloph ning rsanow kraom itthipl kruengnhien ning cheate sravung themtiet . nih chea bravotte da chhucheab robsa strei mneak chhmoh Tressa Middleton del bachchobbann neang mean ayou 2 1chhnam tow haey .

        The Most Beautiful Girls WearingSshort Pants To WalkTthroughoutTthe City Show Off Beautiful Shape

          August 23, 2015

          China: Sheet many pictures of the young woman who wears her shorts short length of almost every man's pants That is very interested in the social network.

          Old Married Girlfriend's 18-Year-Old High School Student, But Did Not Invite Dad-in-Law

            June 14, 2015

            China: 58-year-old Li Kuncheng make a strong interest in Taipei because of news that the writers would marry student A high school, 18-year-old next year, and the news is that he will not invite the future father-in-law to join him. Taiwan man Li Lin Jing-en girl for the past 2 years, according to the website Asianpopnews. 

            Kenyan Lawyer Wants to Marry The Daughter Obama Gifts 150

              May 27, 2015

              Kenya: Kenyan lawyer who intends to marry her dress Obama (Malia Obama), the daughter of US President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) promised that will give as a gift 70 sheep, 50 cows and 30 goats. Felix Kiprono lawyer is not only senseless, and also claimed that his love for Malia is true. Black lawyer has told Kenya's The Nairobian "I was interested in her since 2008 (when Malia was 10 year), and of course ... Since then, I have no relation with any sincere promise to She ".

              Wow!Soup Discount Stores 90 Percent of Women Who Miniskirts

                May 19, 2015

                China: "Shorter skirts more discount" This is a principle in a soup shop in the city of Jinan, which encourages guests that women have a beautiful appearance, eating dinner at their stores.Customers, which is the women were reported to receive a discount of 90 percent if they were wearing short miniskirts on the knee 33 cm, while you skirt style yet session ticking only 8 cm above the knee get discounts of only 20 percent.

                Director of The Largest Clothing Companies in The United States Starting from Filling up Your Job and Packing

                  May 15, 2015

                  America: In fact, a person's life is always different, and the people who struggle from normal life simple up becoming billionaires certainly have a good experience that we should explore. However, for today, fans can come to know the true history of a billionaire who started filling up your work and Cleaner become a multi-million dollar property tycoon.

                  SUPREME Writing the Future of Cambodia 2015 Competition

                    April 1, 2015

                    Phnom Penh: Supreme Paper celebrates the 65th Anniversary of the Cambodian and Thai diplomatic relations in 2015 by launching SUPREME Writing the Future of Cambodia, an essay contest to win prize worth more than 8,000,000 Riels. The opening ceremony was held at Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeetra Hotel with Guest of Honor Mrs. Jiranun Wongmongkol, Minister Counselor, Office of Commercial Affairs, Royal Thai Embassy in Phnom Penh and Mr. Thano IM, President of Cambodia Young Men’s Christian Volunteer Association (CYMCA).

                    The Oldest Woman, Was More Than 117-year-old Died This Morning

                      April 1, 2015

                      Japan: Women live longer than others Misao Okawa, died this morning at the age of 117 years chreapeath. According to the Department of Health Care in Osaka, Japan, where she lives every day.